Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"The illusions of the brain" Fair in Barcelona

So many things happening this week! Write this one down in your agenda.

From 10am to midnight on Friday May 8 you will be able to participate of talks, projections, experiments, concerts, a tennis table show and even a magic one... everything in the framework of a fascinating scientific trip.

This is the fair “Illusions of the Brain” (davinci.crg.es/ilusiones), which is organised by the CRG (one of the centres at the PRBB), open to the public and free.

Some of the highlithgs will be:

- the presentation of the CD “Realidades paralelas” (Parallel realities), a CD with songs whose lyrics have been written by teenagers with Down Syndrome.
- a scientist will explain to us why we were not able to detect the magic tricks a magician just did.
- the European table tennis champions will play an acrobatic game and a scientist will explain to us how their brain has spetial spatial capabilities
- several experiments in which we will be able to hear people coming who don't exist, to do a virtual race only with our mind, etc.
- a talk about the biological bases of beauty
- and much more!

It will take place at the Nau Central de Fabra i Coats. Schools do need to reserve in advance calling 93 316 01 00 or emailing comunicacio@crg.es.

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