Thursday, October 13, 2011

September Ellipse edition

Again with a delay... I'm actually about to post the October issue! But first, take a look at the September one - I'm sure you'll find something of interest there!

Millions of our cells die through apoptosis every day. That’s what the group profile of Gabriel Gil (IMIM) tells us in this new issue of Ellipse. Common patterns of virus infections, common origins of genetic diseases and a more efficient cell reprogramming are other of the discoveries announced this month. You can also learn how cycling saves lives, how a simple analysis can help predict cardiovascular risk or which gene has been found to be responsible for the rare but very serious Bohring-Opitz syndrome. Also, check out the pictures of the PRBB summer party and beach volleyball championship!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ellipse d'estiu / Summer Ellipse

Forgot to post the summer issue of Ellipse before going on holidays.. here it is!

The Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE: UPF-CSIC) has officially joined the PRBB. Also, the CRG, another of the centres at our biomedical research park, has a new director, Luis Serrano. The ex-director Miguel Beato expresses his farewell in the editorial of this month's El•lipse. Other news include a new drug against hepatitis C, the deciphering of the chronic lymphocytic leukaemia genome, the role of CB1 receptors in learning and advances in drug design thanks to computer simulations. Enjoy!