Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekly meetings for runners

After the success of the "5 years 5 km" initiative last May 30, many of the runners of the PRBB decided they didn´t have enough. So now four weekly meetings have been scheduled for anyone who wants to go for a run with some colleagues.

Every Monday at 6pm and at 7pm
Every Thursday at 6pm and at 7pm

The starting point is the inner square, where "runners" can meet and warm up.

Thanks to all who participated on May 30, and let's keep on running!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New edition of El·lipse, June 2011: "Five years, five kilometres"

In the June issue of the Ellipse, the monthly newspaper of the PRBB, you can learn how about 100 residents of the PRBB met to run 5km to celebrate 5 years since the park creation. In addition, Toni Gabaldón, from the CRG, explains his research in comparative genomics; UPF researchers publish in Science the relationship between DNA compaction and the stress cell response; several studies from the IMIM help the benefits of olive oil to be recognized by the European Food Safety Authority; Audrey de Nazelle, from CREAL, reveals the utility of smartphones for epidemiological studies; and scientists from the CMRB show how the LSD1 enzyme helps stem cells to decide between renewal or differentiation. You can also discover who has won the PRBB award or how statistics can support research, among many other things. Enjoy it!