Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The PRBB organizes two 'science popularization' awards

For the fourth consecutive year the PRBB and the CEXS-UPF organize the “Premi PRBB de recerca en ciències de la salut i de la vida”, an award for the best research works by high school students in life sciences. This year the award is also open to the participation of VET (Vocational Education and Training) students in health and chemistry.

But this is not the only novelty of 2009. The PRBB wants to work not only with students, but also with scientists, housewives, lawyers, painters: with any person who is interested in science and wants to help in its communication. Thanks to the award “Premi El·lipse” they will be able to communicate science to the general public, be it by words or graphically. This year, the theme of this new award will be stem cells. So if you have ever wanted to write a theatre script about a cancer patient that receives stem cell therapy, or to create a comic about the life of a researcher working on this field, this is your opportunity! The written material can be in Catalan, Spanish or English.

For more information on both awards please see and The deadlines to send your work are April 14 for the “Premi PRBB” and September 1 for the “Premi El·lipse”. Amongst other prizes, you could win a laptop for the best research project or €1000 for the best science communication work about stem cells. Good luck!