Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fundraising for the Abruzzo earthquake

During this week of May 4-8, a group of Italians from the PRBB have organised a series of activities in order to raise funds for those affected by the Abruzzo earthquake.

1) Italian dishes: in cooperation with the PRBB restaurant, for a week PRBB residents will be able to taste genuine Italian recipes at lunchtime. They will have to pay a little more for it, but all the money will go for the fundraising.

2) Raffle: Residents can buy the raffle tickets for 3€ at the reception of the 4th floor. The first prize will be an Italian cook coming to the winner's flat one night to prepare a delicious dinner!

3) Breakfast: on Monday 4 from 9am to 11am, on the 5th floor terrace, our Italians offered a fantastic Italian style breakfast for a good prize. It was so successful they are doing it again tomorrow, Friday 8.

3) Final party: on Friday May 8, and in order to finish the solidarity week, we will have a party at the inner square of the PRBB, with live music, batucada and the draw for the raffle.

Well done the Italian community for this good initiative! Will post some pics of the events later on and will let you know how much we raised!

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