Friday, April 24, 2009

A VERY special Sant Jordi: love is in the air!

Every year, the PRBB residents surprise us with something new during the celebrations that are organised at the park for the whole community, such as the Christmas party, the Beach volleyball championship or the Sant Jordi celebration. We have been able to shout in rock concerts, to see a ‘capoeira roda’, to dance ‘sardanes’, to hear the angelical voices of the PRBB choir and even to enjoy a trapeze show, everything done by the residents themselves.

But when we thought we had seen it all... on April 22, 2009, we laughed and cried again. Apart from the traditional book exchange of the Sant Jordi celebration – this year more than 500! – and of the roses that filled the square, the PRBB theatre group, which exists since only four months, offered us the best that can be offered: a smile and a good time amongst friends.

More smiles, and even one or two emotional tears, accompanied the first public declaration of love – and what better day to do it? – to take place at the PRBB. The lucky girl (me!) was very surprised and emotional, altough she nearly killed the boy because of the embarrassment he made her go through. The about 200 residents that were witnesses of it had just finished enjoying the demonstration of the PRBB capoeira group, whose members (including the boy and the girl) showed the ability and agility they are acquiring week after week. Furthermore, continuing with the sports, the day finished with a raffle to choose which beach volley teams will have to confront each other in the next months.

Difficult to beat? Wait until the next party! (although I can't imagine what can come after this!!!!)

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