Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making medicines accessible to the world's poor

Hi there,

for once, I am announcing something BEFORE it happens...! I really am going to get better with this blog, I promise!

Anyway, this is interesting and important.

Next Monday May 4 at 12 o’clock at the conference hall of the PRBB, there will be the presentation of the Health Impact Fund for the first time in Spain.

The presentation will start with a talk by Thomas Pogge, from Yale University, entitled: “How to make pharmaceuticals that are accessible for the whole world?”. The talk will be followed by a round table chaired by Joan Josep Moreso, vice-chancellor of the UPF. Other participants at the round table will be members of NGOs, etc.

The Health Impact Fund is an initiative of the Incentives for Global Health (IGH), a non-profit organization, and its aim is to stimulate research and development of life-saving pharmaceuticals accessible to the world's poor.

I will certainly go to the talk and will try my best to give you a good summary afterwards.

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