Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy new year!!

And here we are again! A bit cold, but Barcelona is still much better than London (where I spent New Year's eve freezing!).
Back at the PRBB, and here's some of the novelties.

- We had a Xmas lunch on December 21, just before the break. Plenty of people devoring the food there was, and enjoying the shows: the PRBB choir singing and the new group of African rythms playing the djembe live. The theater group (called PeRaBaBaus) had also prepared a fantastic video (will post it here later on, watch out for it!), very short but very funny and meaningful - you´ll love it! Here´s some pics:

- The CRG organized for the first time a competition for sculptures based on the structure of DNA. The competition aimed to encourage young people to discover the beauty and complexity of the DNA molecule by exploring new ways of communication and using art as a means of expression, and it was directed to schools. In this first edition, over 180 students participated and submitted a total of 52 sculptures divided in 4 categories. The winners for each category collected their awards on December 14 in a public event sponsored by the PRBB that took place at the park’s conference hall. All of the works where fantastic, and

the winner and finalist sculptures have been displayed at the PRBB reception since then. From this January on, the exhibition will travel to several schools to show the beauty of DNA and to strengthen the links between art and science.

 That's it for now. Have a wonderful 2010, and I hope to see you around here, and I promise to be more constant, too! (that is, until I have my baby!!!!)

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