Thursday, February 5, 2009

Theatre and science!!

Building up on the previous social activities at the park, a theatre group has just been created at the PRBB. For now we are getting started, doing exercises to let go our bodies, to increase trust in our colleagues, etc. Soon we will do some lessons of interpretation and finally we will prepare a theatre play to present during this year’s PRBB Open Day (which will be on the 6th of June – note it down!).

The piece we will interpret that has already been represented, driven by the Museum of Natural Sciences. It is about Darwin and the Oxford evolution debate. We have the same director who has directed the play previously and she is the one teaching us. Her name is VerĂ³nica, she is from Chile and she’s good!

We are rehearsing every Tuesday from 6 to 8pm at the inner square offices (the same offices, incidentally, in which PRBB residents can also enjoy choir rehearsal on Mondays and capoeira lessons on Thursdays!).

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