Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas lunch at the PRBB

Yesterday December 17th we celebrated Christmas at the PRBB with a meal for all residents. Lunch took place at 1’30pm at the restaurant, and moret han 800 people attended!

Previously, the PRBB Choir (in which I sing!) gave a concert. We went floor to floor, starting on the 7th, singing two songs in each floor, and bringing our club of fans that grew a bit more with each floor we descended. We finished at the ground floor, were lots of people were waiting to go into the restaurant to eat, and sang all 7 or so songs we had prepared. Everyone loved it and it was really good fun!

I’ll see if i can post some videos of the choir here at some point.

By the way, the choir is only one of the “social activities” the PRBB organises for its residents. As you should by now know, there is also a group of capoeira, and soon there will be a theatre one! Also, PRBB residents on their own organise themselves to play football, basketball, and God knows what else…!

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