Monday, November 12, 2007

Catalan Science Week

November 9th to 18th is the Science Week in Catalonia (the region of Spain to which Barcelona belongs to). This is a celebration that occurs every year, but this time it coincides with the “Barcelona Ciència”, a celebration of science that lasts the whole year – a very scientific 2007 indeed!

Anyway, during these days there are lots of scientific events directed to the general public, with an emphasis on children and youngsters: games, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and courses on different topics related to science, including global climate change, stem cells, recycling, nanotechnology, physics, zoology, chemistry, engineering, botanic, sustainability, meteorology, materials science, mycology, archaeology, and many more. There’s something for everyone! Many museums, universities and research institutes are involved in this initiative, which aims to get science closer to the society.


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